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How fucked up is the entire concept of The Parent Trap? These parents have twins but want a divorce so they decide their best course of action is to just each take one and never speak to each other again. 

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RIP Robin Williams

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a redditor recounts the day he met robin williams.

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Do you miss filming The Hunger Games [x]

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"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."

Robin Williams ( July 21st 1951 - August 11th 2014)

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Sooo yesterday my boyfriend and I rode the elevator with Orlando Bloom. If he hadn’t had a security escort I would not have even known it was him. (He was standing in front of me with his back to me) But seriously he wasn’t easily recognizable. Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t excite me but I’ve literally never just happened upon a celebrity like that before.

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